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ANALAB use of PSE - Power Sweep Energy sets exciting standards in precision cleaning. Power Sweep Energy not only more efficient and effective but very UNIQUE. ANALAB achieved and matched Power Sweep Energy technology. This new technology is a quantum leap and significant step from our first concept using a simple pulsed ultrasonics. Seeing is the believing and use ANALAB with Power Sweep Energy just once. You'll discover why there's simply no comparison with any other conventional ultrasonic cleaning machines.

This new technology provides

  • Superior and deep penetrating.
  • Independent of water levels.
  • Reliability with extra power spread throughout the bath.
  • Even cleaning and distribution of ultrasonic energy throughout the liquid.
  • Uniform and thorough cleaning of the surface without the risk of fine parts and sensitive instrument damage.
  • Extremely efficient electronics and transducer coupling to ultrasonic bath (overall approx. 85% efficiency) dispensed or reduces the additional use of heating.

Until now, conventional ultrasonic cleaning baths have been very power hungry and power inefficient, about 5-25%. Larger industrial units could become power hungry monsters, making the unit not only inefficient but ineffective. Often as a last resort, heaters are used to "assist" cleaning.

There has been conventional "sweep frequency" ultrasonic cleaners but there are still based on "fixed frequency" with a slightly faster response time. "Fixed frequency" is more suitable to work in predetermined conditions e.g. in ultrasonic welding of plastic parts.

Conventional fixed/single frequency operation results in "standing waves" being set up in the cleaning bath. A direct consequence of these standing waves is that cleaning is patchy across the surface being cleaned. Thus some areas are excessively cleaned while other left unaffected. It also makes the effectiveness of conventional ultrasonic cleaner very variable. Using our state-of- the-art Power Sweep Energy technology, these "standing waves" do not exist.

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